Just Give Me a Prairie Storm

photo taken by Darrell Laporte

The air is thick with moisture. I spent a good amount of the day outside with my son. He loves it out there! I’m glad. My next place better have a park near by or even better, a yard for him to play safely in! Wouldn’t that be nice. I think I’m going to get him a ball or some out-door toys at least. I couldn’t have dreamed it being this warm this soon. It’s nearly 9 pm and 17 C.

We’ve been blessed with baths and baths of sunshine but could really use the rain on this dusty prairie City. A warm, hard rain that the grass can get drunk on and get some colour in its blades. It’s dry and yellowed hue doesn’t speak of Spring yet, as if it was taken by surprise by our unseasonable weather and hasn’t had the chance to catch up. It needs to rain. We could use the cleanse. There’s so much dust around from the sand that had been layered over the sidewalks throughout the winter.

It’s so bad that if my son and I are walking near the street and a big truck comes by we have to take care not to be drenched by a splash of dirt rather than the usual puddles of water. But today the air feels heavy, there are sagging clouds lined grey bloated in the sky. They’re under bellies are hanging over the city ushering out the sun and I’m waiting for it to all just happen at once.
Those are the best kinds of rain. You don’t get those storms any where outside of the prairies. On the West Coast they get an abundance of rain cumulatively as it rains more often, but it’s a spitting, light, slow rain-a “neutral” rain if you will. It’s barely even an inconvenience. On the prairies, the clouds are big and dark, the air gets so humid you can drink it, and the sky suddenly gasps and explodes with rain it’s been looming over the City all day. It won’t be ignored. It’s hard, heavy and relentless. Make no mistake, it’s not undecided. It’s harsh in its beauty and beautiful in its harshness.

Please, please let us have the first thunderstorm of the season tonight. I’m almost as thirsty for the rain as the soil I think. They are one of the things I like best about living on the Prairies. It just about makes the winters worth it. JUST about…and then it’s December and I envy just about any other city in North America. But not today. Today I’m a proud prairie girl.


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