Happy Friday Music III

Yes, I realize that it’s technically early Saturday morning but, since I’ve yet to go to bed, I’m considering it on time for Friday. Don’t get all anal with me. I don’t want any messages about it being too late for a Friday submission. Tough shit. My blog, my rules and it’s still Friday to me. HA HA!

This is not a “happy” song perse, its slow, its simple, its mellow, but it’s beautiful and it’s a great spring usher for the grey rain clouds. After all, without them, we wouldn’t have all this lush green grass finally rising up and all the other botanical beauty poking it’s head out.

Patrick Watson is easily one of my favorite newer artists. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they’re also Canadian. He/They even won a Polaris Music Prize in 2007 for their album Close to Paradise. But don’t let the band name fool you. Though the man himself oozes creative genius, it is a 4 piece band that perform under the title “Patrick Watson”. It’s a name fitting of their simple yet  polished and dapper music style.

The songs themselves are beautifully crafted with a predominant melodic piano, flowing into ethereal sounds of experimentation. The notes have a way of moving their way through you, smooth, moody, lulling a sense of surreality. Add Patrick’s gently lilting vocals and you get something that conjures the era of silent films, bowler hats, white gloves, Louise Brooks and traveling by train.

This is one of those bands that, when you hear 1 song from them, you are instantly starving for more of their music. You will find yourself sucked into their intriguing and unique world which includes music videos that are startling-ly accurate companions to the music, a website that lends to a melancholic art-y feel and scruffy chic sleep-deprived looking musicians that will steal your romantic heart. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

“Fireweed”, Patrick Watson from the album “Wooden Arms“.