Happy Friday Music

It’s now going to be called HAPPY FRIDAY MUSIC because I just realized the other day that I ripped off “Music Friday” from a friend. Sorry Chris! I really only realized it a few days ago. Not that Chris said anything to me about it, easy-going as he is. Thanks for lending it to me just the same!

Today I’m throwing it back to 1993 with one of my favorite songs from The Breeders and their album “Last Splash”. The band was formed in 1988 by former bassist and back-up vocalist for The Pixies (which also happens to be my favorite band of all time) Kim Deal and Throwing Muses guitarist Tanya Donelly. Though the line-up has changed significantly over the years (Kim is the only founding member left) the band still continues to put out albums, even as recently as 2008. None as successful as “Last Splash”.

In contrast to her work with The Pixies, Kim’s group The Breeders are cheery and upbeat alternative rock. Having had the pleasure of seeing her in concert for The Pixies reunion tour I can safely say that she is a musician that gives 100% of herself on stage. In spite of being an enthusiastic performer, there is definitely a shy reservation to Kim that only lends to her intrigue. It’s still easy to see that she is one of the  “nice guys” of Rock and Roll.

I wanted to be Kim. She wasn’t all made up with make-up, she wasn’t over the top gorgeous and she wasn’t dainty and feminine like most of the celebrities out there at the time, well, even today. She was understated, she was different, she was Value Village, unkempt hair, no make-up confidence that I wanted so badly to also embody. She was ass-kicking, gruff sounding, grittiness yet still vibrant and smiling. What a faux pas back in the grunge era. SMILING. She showed me it was possible to reconcile happiness with strength of character without having to be angry. She did it with her music, which I listened to over and over on repeat with my Brother, but she did it with her presence too.

Every year when the weather starts to hit the high teens and twenties, Community Fairs start popping up like a new Starbucks. When I see the spinning ferris wheels and smell the mini doughnuts, I always think of the song and music video for “Saints”. It’s fun, upbeat, and like the song says “Summer is ready when you are.”

If you haven’t already heard the song or don’t quite remember it, be ready to bob your head to the chunky guitar. Happy Friday everyone! Try not to get this song stuck in your head when you’re outside enjoying the beautiful weather! I will be out of town, causing a mad, fine ruckus with my girl’s out for our annual Wild Women’s Weekend. Who knows? We may even put on the Breeders.